BBK y Lanbide instruyen a 60 desempleados en análisis de datos y seguridad digital a través de programas de capacitación intensiva

BBK y Lanbide instruyen a 60 desempleados en análisis de datos y seguridad digital a través de programas de capacitación intensiva

BILBAO, 18 Sep. - BBK and the Basque Public Employment Service (Lanbide) will train 60 unemployed people in data analytics and cybersecurity, specialties with immediate employment opportunities. The intensive courses, developed through the BBK bootcamp program, will be 100% practical, last 490 hours, and are being taught in person at the BBK Kuna headquarters in Bilbao starting this Monday.

The details of this pilot program, which unemployed individuals interested can apply for, were announced this Monday at an event at BBK Kuna with the presence of the director general of Lanbide, Francisco Pedraza; the director of the BBK Social Work, Nora Sarasola; and the CEO of The Bridge, the specialized school that offers them, Iker Arce.

As they have explained, the objective of these training courses is to "promote the complete professional readaptation of these individuals and facilitate their entry into the job market".

According to the data collected by the Association of Knowledge and Technology Industries of the Basque Country, Gaia, digital professions in the technology sector represent more than 20,000 jobs in the Basque Country, and furthermore, "the demand for these professional profiles is increasing and growing continuously".

Specifically, this pilot program consists of a total of four 100% practical courses, lasting 490 hours, and being taught in person at BBK Kuna starting this Monday. These fast-paced courses, known as bootcamps, are divided by modality and have fifteen spots each.

The courses are taught by The Bridge, a specialized school in this type of training, whose bootcamps have an average employability rate close to 90% and are ranked among the best in the world.

In her speech, the director of the BBK Social Work, Nora Sarasola, after noting that "BBK will continue to offer other forms of training next year," pointed out that "through this initiative, BBK strengthens its commitment to training digital talent and promoting technological employment in the territory".

Similarly, Sarasola added, "we achieve a double objective: on the one hand, unemployed individuals will be able to quickly acquire skills that will allow them to obtain quality employment; on the other hand, we generate highly qualified digital talent that is much needed by companies in Bizkaia".

For his part, the director general of Lanbide, Francisco Pedraza, has recalled that this initiative is part of the innovative projects that the Public Employment Service has been promoting during the current legislature in various areas, both in job creation and training.

Specifically, and under the direction of the Vice Lehendakari and Minister of Labor and Employment, Idoia Mendia, Lanbide "has been exploring other bootcamp training projects that are now being expanded to this collaboration with BBK".

Pedraza has pointed out that Lanbide is "committed" to a transformation that allows "rescuing all the talent that exists in our society, in all areas, helping them to train and adapt to the new economy in progress".

In this sense, he insisted that "the major transformations that we are experiencing will require a constant effort of training and adaptation of professional profiles. And in the face of that changing reality, we offer new responses," such as this program.

Bootcamps are short, highly intensive programs focused solely on employment. The data analytics program is designed to train specialists of great value for any sector due to their versatility.

During the course, students are trained in the ability to collect data, organize it, and carry out predictive analysis and visualizations using different digital tools.

On the other hand, the cybersecurity bootcamp focuses on equipping students to perform and simulate cyber attacks and to work in cybersecurity centers.



País Vasco