Crónica País Vasco.

Crónica País Vasco.

El PNV advierte a Sánchez sobre la dependencia de sus votos y denuncia invasión de competencias vascas en el pacto PSOE-Sumar.

El PNV advierte a Sánchez sobre la dependencia de sus votos y denuncia invasión de competencias vascas en el pacto PSOE-Sumar.

Itxaso Atutxa, president of the PNV, said that the party will continue to "demand a new model of the State and full compliance with the Statute".

BILBAO, 28 Oct. - The president of the PNV's BBB, Itxaso Atutxa, reminded the acting president and secretary general of the PSOE, Pedro Sánchez, that he "needs their votes" for an investiture and insisted that the pact between the PSOE and Sumar announced this week may infringe on the competences of the Basque Country and Navarre.

Atutxa participated on Saturday in Portugalete in a meeting with the Municipal Organizations of Ezkerraldea and Meatzaldea, which brought together more than a hundred PNV activists.

"From the PNV we remind Pedro Sánchez that he needs our votes and, therefore, he must incorporate or address the demands of the Basque and Catalan parties, and of their hundreds of thousands of voters, something that is consistent and logical if he aspires to their support to stay in La Moncloa," she said at the meeting.

The statements of the highest-ranking jeltzale leader in Bizkaia came after the terms of the agreement reached between the PSOE and Sumar were made public this week regarding the guarantee of Sánchez's investiture. Atutxa thus reiterated the concern that this pact may bring about a potential invasion of Basque and Navarre competences.

"We are concerned that the so-called 'taxes' on banks and electricity companies may clash with the Concert and Economic Agreement system. We also see in the agreement an attempt to impose the agendas of both the PSOE and Sumar, without taking into account that they may clash with the agendas of the other parties that are also necessary to form a majority," she argued.

In this regard, she pointed out that, "assuming" Pedro Sánchez has the support of five votes from Podemos, the socialist candidate currently has 153 votes. Therefore, he would need 23 votes to reach the 176 necessary to achieve a majority in Congress and be sworn in as president. These votes, as Atutxa recalled, could come from "the nationalist and sovereignist Basque and Catalan parties."

"To do so, he will have to include and take into account the agendas of these parties, which represent hundreds of thousands of votes," she said, while recalling that one party - referring to EH Bildu - has already announced its support for Sánchez "free and lovingly," without any counterpart and without considering Euskadi in that sense.

On the other hand, she stressed that the PNV will continue to "negotiate and demand that a new model of the State be addressed in this legislative term". "They have to accept that Euskadi and Catalonia are two nations that need to be incorporated into the new model of the State," she stated.

In addition, she emphasized that the jeltzales will demand compliance with the pending commitments of the previous term, "including the full compliance with the Statute of Gernika". "We will also demand, as we always do, investments, infrastructure, and rights that improve the lives of the Basque citizens," she added.

In response to media questions, Atutxa also referred to the announced absence of the PNV at the swearing-in ceremony of the Constitution before the Generals Courts by Princess Leonor, which will take place on October 31.

In this regard, Atutxa stated that the PNV has always shown itself to be "institutionally very respectful", but she maintained that what they will not do is "participate in events that should be institutional and political," but which ultimately become "very militaristic, social chronicle events that endorse an institution that still does not recognize Euskadi as a nation".