Crónica País Vasco.

Crónica País Vasco.

Ortuzar acusa a EH Bildu de silencio cómplice frente a críticas al Concierto por parte de Cataluña.

Ortuzar acusa a EH Bildu de silencio cómplice frente a críticas al Concierto por parte de Cataluña.

El líder del PNV Andoni Ortuzar criticó a ERC por querer un Concierto a la vasca y recordó las críticas de Otegi

VITORIA, 24 Mar.

El presidente del Euzkadi Buru Batzar del PNV, Andoni Ortuzar, ha afirmado que le parece "bien" que el presidente de la Generalitat, Pere Aragonés (ERC), reclame "un Concierto a la vasca", si bien ha lamentado "qué necesidad tenían de atacar lo vasco para reivindicar lo suyo". Asimismo, ha criticado a EH Bildu que, "como son sus amigos", estén "calladitos" y, tras recordar las críticas de Arnaldo Otegi a los jeltzales durante el 'procés', ha cuestionado "quien se pone a chupar rueda de un bicicleta estática en qué va".

Ortuzar ha participado este domingo en el acto de presentación de candidatos de Llanada Alavesa en las elecciones vascas del 21 de abril, que ha tenido lugar en la Plaza San Juan de Agurain y en el que también han intervenido el cabeza de lista del PNV por Álava, Joseba Díez Antxustegi, y las candidatas de la zona Ana Ruiz de Alegría, Noemí Agirre y Nahiara Zubizarreta.

During his speech, the president of the PNV regretted that they had to "raise their voices again" this week in defense of the Basque Economic Agreement, which, according to him, was "attacked" this time from an unexpected flank, the Catalan Generalitat led by Pere Aragonés, with whom the Bildu candidate poses smilingly.

Now they come out saying they want an agreement for Catalonia like the Basque one but "with solidarity towards other areas of the State." As if we were not already solidary! As if we did not pay 6.24%! As if we did not contribute to the Interterritorial Compensation Fund!," he emphasized.

He questioned "what need they had to attack the Basque to claim their own" and reprimanded EH Bildu, who, "as they are their friends," are "silent." "We had to be the ones to put the dot over the i and once again defend the Economic Agreement," he insisted.

The jeltzale leader reproached EH Bildu's candidate for lehendakari, Pello Otxandiano, who on Thursday stated "that he will defend 'tooth and nail' the Agreement," when "the last time it was reformed and the Economic Agreement was confirmed, Bildu abstained in the Congress of Deputies." "Where was the tooth and nail then?," he wondered.

Ortuzar finds it "striking" that "now ERC is disengaging by asking for an Agreement like the Basque one," something that he finds "good," but he recalled when the leader of EH Bildu, Arnaldo Otegi "went to Catalonia during the 'procés,' took pictures with ERC and blamed us for riding a stationary bicycle, not moving, while in Catalonia there was a secessionist process that they loved and was going smoothly."

"And now they want to come where we have already been for 45 years. And I wonder who gets on the wheel of a stationary bicycle, where are they going? Or is it not that the PNV's bike is not stationary but one of those latest generation, capable of going faster than any? The PNV is on the plate, pedaling hard for this country and moving forward with it, and that's how we will continue: full steam ahead!," he assured.

He also referred to the criticism he has received for appealing to build "a figurative wall on the Ebro so that the ways of doing politics would not pass through." "What a way to manipulate, what a way to distort, pure ayusismo!," he lamented.

In this line, he censured the "media choir" of EH Bildu for "twisting to the unthinkable" the proposal to "protect people from violent squatters, saying that what we were encouraging was evictions in 48 hours."

"You have to have the nerve to manipulate so much. Others who have caught the 'Brunete media' virus," criticized the president of the PNV, who insisted that he wants "Euskadi to be a country with stability" and not experience "what is happening in Madrid, nor that Basque politics is contaminated by the mess, the 'you did it first' and the fan of the dirt that they have turned on there.

"That cannot cross the Ebro. In Euskadi, good politics must prevail; the one that solves problems, not the one that creates them; the one that generates well-being, progress, economic certainties, decent employment, access to housing, quality public services; the one that is dedicated to ensuring that people can be calm and safe at home and on the street," he said.

As Andoni Ortuzar assured, "that's what the PNV is dedicated to" and the rest can "manipulate and distort as they please." "We, with Euskadi, defending the interests of Basque society wherever they may be," he added.

On the other hand, Ortuzar urged jeltzale activists to go "full throttle" until April 21 and recalled that, according to the latest polls, it seems that "one of the main electoral battlegrounds" is Álava.

The president of the PNV warned that there is "a lot at stake, also for this Territory." "Araba is industry, logistics, the primary sector, it is also a territory with a high degree of well-being and quality of life. It must be maintained, ensured, improved and expanded. And this can only come from the hand of the PNV. Experiments, with soda. Progress, economic development, opportunities for youth in housing and decent employment. PNV model!," he concluded.

For his part, Díez Antxustegi warned that in the April elections "one does not choose between past and future," but "a better future or a worse one" and, in this sense, he assured that the PNV is "prepared to give Basque society a better future."

The alavés candidate expressed "pride" for the institutional work carried out by the PNV during the last decades in which they have made "difficult, risky, brave and strategic decisions" and, in general, have "succeeded."

According to him, "we have devised, built, raised, defended and maintained our institutional and economic system. We have faced difficult situations and always overcome them. In important decisions, we have succeeded."

In this sense, he pointed out that the PNV is "prepared to give Basque society a better future, where strategic decisions are made correctly again." "A future of security for people. A future that promotes the economy and generates jobs. A future that guarantees public services," he said.